Sewing God Star II

Name:Sewing God Star II


1: High-speed design:
The maximum speed designed by this machine is 1200 rpm, which is 3 times of the traditional model.
2: Intelligent speed change:
The machine is equipped with a super energy-saving digital intelligent variable speed drive. The operator can use the foot pedal to control the machine to change the speed between 0-1200 revolutions per minute, thereby maximizing the potential of the operator. And do not need to use electricity once a day.
3: Humanity design:
  A: The automatic lubrication system can keep the machine automatically lubricated within one week, and relieve your trouble of refueling!
  B: The waste oil recovery system can automatically recover the waste oil, so you have no worries!
  C: Super high space for filming, can adapt to more sweater styles!
  4: Precision Science:
  A large number of structures that use the most cutting-edge thread gears, plane bearings and kinetic energy balancing technology in current mechanical design. The machine structure is more compact and precise, and the operation is more stable and wear-resistant.

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