Where is the twister generally applicable?

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The twisting machine is suitable for: twisting and jointing of cotton yarn, cotton, chemical fiber, embroidery thread, nylon, polyester, rayon, sewing thread, silk, glass fiber, etc.
Feeding method of twisting machine: flat drum feed pure twist yarn rack or cone feed parallel twist yarn rack, parallel yarn or pagoda yarn (wooden tube or paper tube) feed, pure twist yarn frame.
The earliest twisting tool: The spinning wheel unearthed in Banpo, Xi'an, Banpo site, Xi'an, Shaanxi in 1955. It was the earliest twisting tool invented in ancient China, that is, a rod was inserted into the small hole in the center of the spinning wheel, and the spinning wheel was used to rotate the handle. Twist the fibers together and use the same method to synthesize a single strand of fiber into multiple strands of stronger "threads".
The bobbins on the bobbin creel are mostly loosely looped on the insert, and the plied yarn drags the bobbin from the side to rotate and unwind. The parallel twisting machine is fed with a single yarn package. In order to reduce the excessive tension caused when the single yarn is unwound and causes a broken end, a tapered package is selected to be tightly sleeved on the insertion spindle. The single yarn is drawn axially from the respective package end. The feeding creel part is merged. The parallel twisting combined machine can save the yarn doubling process, and is generally only suitable for the double-strand yarn with low spinning quality requirements. The guide roller is usually a pair of smooth round rollers. The bottom roller is a section of 6 to 8 spindles, which are inlaid with full length. The upper roller has one per spindle, pressurized by its own weight, and is driven by the conflict of the lower roller. The ply yarn has a certain method of winding on the roller, so that the yarn has a long enough conflict with the roller to surround the arc, ensuring that the roller delivers the yarn to the twisting area at its uniform speed. On the special thick yarn or double twist, some choose two lower rollers, or even two pairs of rollers, to get used to high twist tension to achieve the purpose of even yarn feeding. In the roller part, some of them are equipped with a self-stopping device. Yes, there is a water trough under the yarn guide bar, and the ply yarn will be watered before twisting, which is called wet twisting machine. Wet-twisted thread has the advantages of high strength and smooth surface, but rollers and yarn guides need to use anti-rust materials.
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