Types and specifications of sewing machine

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Sewing machine is also known as disc sewing machine, commonly known as sleeve car, a machine that uses stitches to sew sweater sleeves.
1. Variety of sewing machine
1. Curved needle sewing machine, the most sold on the market is the curved needle sewing machine, the most used is the curved needle sewing machine, the variety and specifications of the curved needle sewing machine sewing machine are cheap, the operation and protection are simple, and the production High efficiency, widely loved by customers;
2. It is a straight needle sewing machine, which is characterized by changing the traditional connecting rod structure of the previous disc sewing machine. The cam method is used to drive each part, and the whole machine is not easy to deform. Straight large needle has strong penetrating power, especially suitable for thick material sewing, which is not easy to damage the fabric. The variety and specifications of the sewing machine are higher than the curved needle;
3. It is a fully automatic sewing machine and a fully automatic sewing machine. Now it is supplied by the Black Horse brand produced in South Korea and the Italian company CONTI. These sewing machines are high-standard, high-efficiency rapid sewing machines for sweaters with stable structure and low failure rate. However, the variety and specifications of the sewing machine are high, ranging from tens of thousands per machine, which cannot be implemented in China;
4. It is a straight seam disc sewing machine. It is still good to sew a straight seam with this sewing machine, and the upper collar cannot solve it. The function of the above automatic sewing machine is basically the same.
2. Specifications of sewing machine
The cardigan sleeve is made on the sewing machine. The model number of the sewing machine should match the model number of the cardigan knitting machine. Please refer to the table below when selecting the model number of the sewing machine. In the case of hemming, the lateral consumption is 2 to 3 courses, and the vertical consumption is 1 to 2 needles. When sewing wool sweaters, a 28×2tex~31×2tex worsted homochromatic wool yarn is usually used as the suture; suture chemical fiber In the case of similar products, the raw material of the garment blank is often used as the suture. No skewing of needle patterns and needle pick-up are allowed during the ferrule. It is used here to fit shoulders and sleeves. The elongation of shoulder seam should be greater than 110%, and the elongation of shoulder seam should be greater than 130%.

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